Bryan (itzwicks) wrote,

itz Sunday... now what?

New month, new thoughts. By the numbers:

1 - Life has not ceased from a lack of cable/satellite programming. After over two years of not having it, I've managed to survive without incident, though I do miss HGTV, FNC, and a few other select channels.

2 - My MySpace account has been blown out, but I am going to stick with Facebook, Twitter, and Live Journal for the time being as they all serve distinct purposes in my blogging habits.

3 - The debate goes on in my head between getting an Android-based phone (hello mobile hot spots without jail breaking thanks to OS version 2.2) and an Apple iPhone (awesome accessories, multiple apps). AT&T is my current cell provider, so I suppose that makes my choice a bit easier, though I am still lusting over the Motorola Droid X over at Verizon. Thoughts, anyone?

4 - No more politic chatter on this Live Journal. I have moved the discussions elsewhere. Email me (for those who are still interested in such things) and I will tell you specifically where. ;-)

5 - The recently completed Doctor Who season was, IMHO, GREAT! Can't wait for the DVD box set to be released later in the year so that I can enjoy the various episodes at my leisure on the HDTV. In the meanwhile, the newly minted BBC series Sherlock has captured my fancy and I look forward to seeing more of it when I can. Big time thanks to my newest pal Sandy for helping me get some decent entertainment going while I impatiently wait for the Doctor Who Christmas Special.

There is no Number Six (obscure geek reference).

7 - My travels will take me to the east coast at some point this month, namely Virginia, Maryland, New York, and possibly North Carolina. So, if you happen to live in that general region and you fancy a meet up, by all means let me know.

8 - Weight loss is a bit easier when one reduces caloric intake, works differing parts of the body without pattern, monitors quality of food consumed, and maintains a positive attitude. And yes, having a partner or two to help steer one right absolutely contributes to better results.

9 - From the gang that gave the world the Double Rainbow song, here comes the Bed Intruder song! Fear for the republic..

10 - D.I.Y. Meme: What part(s) of your body have yet to be seen by your own naked eyes without aid of a mirror, photograph, etc.?

11 - Fajitas. Best Mexican dinner entree, ever.

12 - I'm no carpenter, and it has been years since I've done any serious landscaping, but I am going to try both again in the next few months as I upgrade my outdoor living space. When I make tangible progress, expect photos of my efforts.

Okay, time for me to get ready to put the local hash trail together for this afternoon. If you happen to be in the Lawton, Oklahoma vicinity, and you want IN, just check out the details here.

Live like you mean it, folks!
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