Bryan (itzwicks) wrote,

Tell me your dreams...

I want, in no small order:

* True wisdom to know when I am making a difference vs spinning my wheels, and when to bug out when the latter is the case.

* Acreage and a pond, preferably with well water, fruit-bearing trees, decent soil, within a twenty minute commute of something resembling civilization, all with my name on it before age 60.

* To be a published novelist, to have a completed a CD of originally produced music, and to have no less than two hours of commercially produced sci-fi video of my own creation available to the masses long before I take that long and final dirt nap.

* To have Aussie sand between my toes on my 50th birthday, and a warm Philly cheese steak in my mouth on my 75th.

* Financial independence for myself, my friends and loved ones, and anyone else whose shadow I will cross in my lifetime (sooner rather than later).

* Continued good health, both physically and spiritually.


Is that too much to ask for? I'm working on it every day, and won't stop until I get there.

What about the rest of you? Feel free to tell me your dreams.
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